Caring For Your Lilies

  1. Fill a vase with clean cool water and add half of the flower food (use the other half after you change the water in 4 or 5 days).
  2. Remove any foliage that may have been damaged during shipping. Also, remove all foliage below the water line because wet leaves cause bacterial growth in the vase water, resulting in a shorter vase life for your lilies.
  3. Cut at least two inches off of each stem (or to desired height.) Cutting at an angle will improve the re-hydration process. After cutting, please place immediately into vase full of water. Re-cut if they are too tall or hang too far over the edge of the vase.
  4. Keep your lilies out of direct sunlight and away from any heat source. As the leaves yellow, remove them and any foliage that has fallen into the water. As earlier blooms begin to wither and die, cut them off so as not to distract from the later blooms as they open.
  5. Your Lilies will drink a lot of water during the first few days, add water daily and don't allow the vase to run out of water.
  6. For an extended vase life, re-cut the ends (one inch) every second or third day and use the other half of the flower food for the first water change in four to five days.

The buds will gradually open over the next ten days.

Helpful Hints

If possible, keep your lilies away from ripening fruit as it gives off ethylene gas which can drastically shorten the life of your lilies.

Lily pollen, the red or gold powder found at the center of the bloom, will get on your clothing if you brush against it. You can remove the pollen stems from the lilies, by gently plucking them out, as soon as the buds open to prevent this from happening.  Or, if youenjoy the look of the pollen stems and you do get pollen on you, remove it by patting the pollen with an adhesive tape or lightly brushing with a dry cloth. DO NOT use water to wipe it off as this may cause stain.

We have been taking care of your lilies for the past 10 to 12 weeks and we hope you enjoy them as much as we have.